Coaching Pathway and Guidelines


This information is designed to give those considering coaching an idea of the coaching pathway and to explain what is expected from them at each stage, along with some guidelines. The courses detailed below are with a multi discipline approach in mind.

In all cases the club will either source external funding or consider funding internally. Conditions will apply which will be clarified when an application is made. To allow the club to consider support, you must get club authorisation prior to booking any course. In all cases a Disclosure Check or PVG will be required

Athletics Leader   (Suitable for those under 18 or Parent Volunteers)

One day course with a mixture of theory and practical. Once you have done the course you will be able to work with a Supervising Coach (SC). The SC must always be within direct visual and audible range. You must never work unsupervised and never plan or deliver your own programme (although you can discus same with your supervising coach). Parent Volunteers should also follow these guidelines.

Coaching Assistant  (Over 18's or those who have athletics experience)

Two day course with a mixture of theory and practical. Once completed you will again be working with a SC. You may be assisting the SC to plan a session - but still not delivering your own session. The SC can leave you to deliver parts of the session without direct supervision – although they should still be in the vicinity.

In all the above common sense is the best approach and you should never do anything you are unsure about – always ask. Also the above can be tailored to suit work patterns and could even be on a rota basis.

From here it is a more serious commitment to athletics and the club, hence, proper consideration should be given before embarking on the following.

Athletics Coach  (Suitable for Coaching Assistants with experience)

Pre course study is essential – resource supplied. Course is initially two days then a further one day follow up. Workbooks and resource are supplied to allow you to work with a Support Coach who will assist you putting the theory into practice. To complete the course you will need to submit a Coaching Diary for assessment. On  successful completion of your assessments you will become a qualified Athletics Coach and able to take a group of your own.

For further details on the above please check out The next steps if you wish to progress is to become an event specific coach further details can also be found here.

If you wish to do any more information please talk to Harry Baird or contact