Glen Lednock 8 Mile Road Race

10th May 2009

Two of us travelled into the depths of Perthshire to take part in the Glen Lednock Road race.

The race was described as being undulating but we became increasingly doubtful of this on our way, as we had to negotiate the bends and twists of the road in addition to dodging the sheep and lambs like an F1 driver .We now know that undulations is Perthshire dialect for Hilly.

There was a low-key start with only 40 runners, where you just turned up and got your number with some safety pins large enough to be suitable for nappies.
Right from the off it was 2miles continuous steep up-hill, which then thankfully levelled out and then it was just the undulations.

The race distance was listed 8miles but I think it was the "Lang Scots miles" as we reached the 4 mile point and had not reached the turnaround point which was about a quarter of a mile further on, and it turned out the race distance was 8.5 miles.

After the turnaround it was then downhill but the sun came out then and it became really warm. There was a photographer stationed on route on the way back, but no way, were you able to smile.

All in all it was a nice well organised friendly race with all concerned: spectators and even the children who had run the fun race staying behind to cheer you on.
Even the Marshals tried to help, one near the end said that I would be able to catch the runner in front since "He was flagging" little did he know that I was flagging too!!

The complete set of results can be found here

John Denholm
1st EMV
David Bunyan

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