Sandy Slither (5.7miles)

3rd July 2009


Christine Eadie contributed a report for this recent race:

The weather on Friday was awful, with heavy rain pretty much all the way to Elie in Fife, however, as we approached Elie, the rain tailed off and we were surprised by the odd bit of blue sky. Apart from a spit of rain just before the start, the rain held off for the whole race, making this a much more pleasant experience than was expected.

There was a new route this year, starting and finishing at Sandy Bay in Elie, which made things much easier logistically for runners. No figuring out how you were going to get back to the car that you'd left 6 miles away! The route was also slightly shorter, another plus, and with the new route being 5.7 miles a PB was guaranteed.

The route starts on the beach at Elie, and there is a long stretch across, hard and soft sand, not to mention lots of water. Then it was onto the road and the route was pretty flat until approximately half way, where you turn onto the coastal path, and the route takes you up a couple of steep climbs. Once these are over though, it's back to a sandy flattish path, but you have to watch out for the nettles. All 3 of us that went thoroughly enjoyed the run, and at £3, us females just can't resist a bargain.

The full results can be found here

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Our race times:
Run Time
Tracey McGowan
50m 11s
14th female
Christine Eadie
50m 15s
15th female
Elaine Paterson
51m 40s
18th female

The complete set of results can be found here