Lochness Marathon

4th October 2009

Race report: Colin Thomson

A few months ago a few harriers entered the lochness marathon. After a good few months training we all set of for inverness. 
The friday group set of in the afternoon in a convoy (of 2 cars) with everyone rather excited about the journey. 
The rest made there way up the next day. We all met up at the pasta party at queens park on the saturday evening and had a look around the expo and some food.
With the big race upon us it was early bed for some!!
Since we arrived in Inverness the wind had howled and the rain had poured, in showers, and saturday night was just the same.
When we got up the next morning the weather had changed to blue sky and no wind, perfect.
We made our way to the pick up point for the buses for 7.30am, minus one harrier, who had picked up an injury a couple of weeks previously, so barry had a long lie.
We arrived at the buses at exactly 7.30am and found ourselves a seat, unfortunately due to problems with the buses we were still sitting on the bus at 8.50am!!
We eventually set of at just after 8.50am and still had another hour before we reached the start line. The marathon was due to start at 10am.
When we reached the start area it was 9.55am so with all the problems the start was delayed till 10.50am.
As start time approached our bags were put on lorries to be transported to the finish, our last drinks of water were taken,the excitement and nerves grew and good lucks were passed to all.
Then we were off, the course starts at whitebridge and after a down hill start it is undulating for the next few miles before climbing up a steep hill then down towards foyers. Another steep climb into foyers then down hill to the shores of lochness. The course then follows the side of the loch till you reach dores, this stretch is undulating. After dores you move away from the loch then there is a big climb that lasts for about a mile, then a couple of smaller climbs until you reach the 21 mile mark,then it's down hill and flat. Along the river ness for a mile then across the bridge in the middle of inverness then up the other side of the river along ness walk to the finish at Queens park stadium.
Times and positions were:

Colin Thomson
Stephen Oliver
Stuart Douglas
Lorna Dewar
Mark Dunnachie
Magali Fleche

Congratulations to all who finished, a very tough marathon. After the race once we were all fed and watered we went back to the B+B which had a hot tub and a few bottles of champagne waiting for us. A good time was had by all and a nice meal and a few drinks in Inverness at night to celebrate!!

What next???