The Fast One, well a wee bit anyway!

Wrexham,Saturday 14th August

Ken Moncrieff took part in one of the very few 60 minute Decathlons that have been held in the UK as part of the Wrexham Games.

Here is his report :

I survived and more importantly actually enjoyed the event. 100m started at just after 1pm and was specifically announced to the spectators as part of the Wrexham Games and amazingly I was in the car and heading back to Edinburgh before 2.30pm, we had a dinner and Fringe comedy appointment that evening in Edinburgh!

As regards my actual performances I covered the whole ten events in just over 60 minutes and the scenario is probably best captured by the shot putt where without a warm up I threw a personal best of 10.62m and then jogged the length of the outfield to the high jump pit where I changed shoes and kept clearing the bar, so it kept going up!


I eventually cleared 1.60m a Decathlon pb and had to quickly run to start of the 400m where other competitors were about to start. Then transition from the 400m to the next event 100m Hurdles was a real challenge as my legs were like lead. However with some 41mins gone I moved onto the Pole Vault only took 2 jumps and then 3 very swiftly taken Javelin. Throws before pausing only to swap large javelin boots for track spikes I was then off for the arduous ~4 laps of the 1500m. As all Decathletes know this is a killer event – more so in the 60min Decathlon. We all finished and my time was only a few seconds slower than normal whilst my overall points score of 5344 was actually better than my Scottish Championships performance, so more time definitely not better in every case! Some coaching points in this I suspect.

I reckon on basis of this experience Scottish Athletics/FVH should take note and consider hosting one of these very quick paced multi-events next year. The spectators, officials and athletes all enjoyed it and were keen to have another one, just not tomorrow for me!

I hope the above is helpful but happy to chat if you need anything else, should point out the Mayor of Wrexham was impressed they had a visitor all the way from Falkirk – where the Wheel is!

Ken Moncrieff