Black Rock 5Mile race

22nd May 2009

A few Harriers set of on Friday evening for the Black rock 5.

This is a report by Christine Eadie of the race:

The weather was absolutely perfect. Glorious sunshine, with only a little wind. Very unusual!

This is obviously a popular event in the town as there was huge local support and what seemed to be lots of local runners. The event had reached it's full capacity of runners this year, and this was borne out as it was a struggle at the start to get going.

The course starts with a very short uphill, and then downhill all the way to the beach. There is a short stretch of fine sand before you are onto the firm and ridged sand. On the way out to Black rock there is still a fair amount of sea water lying, but this is nothing in comparison to the knee deep water when running round the rock (though I hear on previous years it has been thigh deep, so we counted ourselves lucky!).

Once round Black rock it is back over the sand, before returning up through the town, and the best is saved for last, with what seems like a pretty much vertical slope up to the finish at the Ship Inn.

The bottle of beer given to every runner made up for all the hard work though, and it was a very enjoyable race. Although called Black rock 5, the actual distance is 4.5 (but it feels more like 5), and the shoes are still wet after 2 days drying!

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The complete set of results can be found here

Runners and times were:

David Bunyan
Elaine Thomson
Christine Eadie