Friday, 29 May 2009

West Lothian Run (Half Marathon) – 24th May 2009

Three Harriers took part in the West Lothian half- marathon. One of the runners , Elaine Thompson submitted this report:

A new race for 2009 appeared on the Scottish Athletics fixture calendar, the West Lothian Run, a half marathon in Bathgate. With it being so close to home a few of us thought we would give it a go.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot. Although in saying that we were all sporting a nice FVH vest tan later on!

The starting point was Meadow Park in Bathgate. A warm up with music and instructor was provided prior to the start.

The route involved a loop round Meadow Park before heading east out of Bathgate and onto the cycle track network around Blackburn and back to finish at the park.

The majority of the race was on the cycle track, which meant it was a nice off road run. There were a couple of short but steep hills, but I quite enjoyed that. There was roughly 140 runners so if you like a quiet scenic race like I do, this is race is for you.

However, there were a couple of unmarked points on the route were it wasn’t
clear which way to go and law of averages and all that, yes some people went the wrong way and got lost!

I do believe Alastair had a nice tour of bits of Bathgate none of us have seen before, and had several chats with strangers and other lost runners to work out how to get back to the finish. The organisers did say they were hoping to extend this race to the full marathon distance. I think Alastair thought he would just test out some extra miles on the route for them!

Even with Alastair’s tour of Bathgate we were all finished in front of the local Livingston MSP Angela Constance. I wonder if she got lost too!

Hopefully this race will be back next year, with the route clearly marked at all points as it was a good run and with a few small improvements could easily be a great race.

If it’s on next year I think two of us will definitely be there.

The results are listed here:

Name Gun Time D&DAA Time *
Christine Eadie 1.51.45 1.51.45 8th female
Elaine Thomson 1.52.11 1.52.11 9th female
Alastair McCallum 2.24.39 1.59.59
* Distance & Direction Asking Adjusted Time

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Black rock 5 Race 22nd May 2009

A few Harriers set of on Friday evening for the Black rock 5.

This is a report by Christine Eadie of the race:

The weather was absolutely perfect. Glorious sunshine, with only a little wind. Very unusual!

This is obviously a popular event in the town as there was huge local support and what seemed to be lots of local runners. The event had reached it's full capacity of runners this year, and this was borne out as it was a struggle at the start to get going.

The course starts with a very short uphill, and then downhill all the way to the beach. There is a short stretch of fine sand before you are onto the firm and ridged sand. On the way out to Black rock there is still a fair amount of sea water lying, but this is nothing in comparison to the knee deep water when running round the rock (though I hear on previous years it has been thigh deep, so we counted ourselves lucky!).

Once round Black rock it is back over the sand, before returning up through the town, and the best is saved for last, with what seems like a pretty much vertical slope up to the finish at the Ship Inn.

The bottle of beer given to every runner made up for all the hard work though, and it was a very enjoyable race. Although called Black rock 5, the actual distance is 4.5 (but it feels more like 5), and the shoes are still wet after 2 days drying!

Runners and times were:
David Bunyan: 33.36
Elaine Thomson: 37.47
Christine Eadie: 38.07

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Auld Toon 10K Road race Dunfermline 27th May 2007

On what is still one of the more challenging venues in the road race calendar, two Harriers :new member Anthony Devlin and master athlete, David Bunyan competed in the Auld Toon 10K race at Pittencrief Park Dunfermline.

Though conditions on the night were good for running, the course remains as in the past consisting of three laps round ,with a long steep hill to be be negotiated on the last two circuits.

Tony finished in 11th place with a time of 37:06, whilst David recorded a time of 45:56 being placed 76th out of the 253 competitors.

Some pictures are below, click to expand

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Scottish Young Athletes League 17th May

Falkirk Victoria Harriers made it two league wins in a row at the second league meeting which was held at Grangemouth.
A host of athletes produced results which earned rankings on the Power of 10.

They were :-
  • Nichola Milne & Claire Anderson both for 75m & Long Jump
  • Jemma Learmonth: 100m
  • Natalie Mcleod: 150m & 800m
  • Kirsten McIntee: 150m
  • Amy Manson: 200m
  • Gavin Weir & Ben Stevenson: 800m
  • Fraser Weir: High Jump,Triple Jump & Shot
  • Edmund Reid: Shot & Discus
  • Ciaran Wright: Shot
  • Alison Black: High Jump
  • Jacqueline Plain: Discus.
Loads of other athletes performed very well on the day with several PB's.

The team managers selected Natalie Mcleod and Ciaran Wright as Vic's of the Match.

A link to the full results will be posted when available.

More info on the Power of 10 can be found here

The next match takes place at Wishaw on the July 5th

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bank of Scotland Grand Prix Hammerama Grangemouth 16th May

Myra Perkins recorded a new lifetime best of 53.81m in the second Bank of Scotland Grand Prix Hammerama of the season in Grangemouth on Saturday (May 16th) - also an IAAF World Youth Championships qualifying standard (53.00m) for the event in Bressanone, Italy this summer (8th - 12th July).

It was also new Grand Prix record and set the standard for a number of high quality performances in the under-17 and under-20 age-groups.

There were invited guests from England and Wales in the under-20 and under-17age groups and overall the 36 assembled hammer throwers set 22 personal bests in the various competitions.

There were a number of notable performances from Harriers athletes:

Under-13 male athlete Ciaran Wright added nearly 7m to his previous best in throwing 42.98m. Throughout the event, he performed consistently and recorded five throws which bettered his previous best.

Jacqueline Plain still only 14 years old, added 4m to her personal best with 40.53m.
Switching to the lighter 3kg Hammer for the last event of the day, the performances were maintained.

Myra Perkins again set a Grand Prix record and personal best of 59.71m, winning the event.
Jacqueline Plain continued to be inspired, as she recorded an incredible 47.88m, some 3m beyond her previous best set at the first Grand Prix of the year in early April.

Edmund Reid featured strongly in the under-17age competition, which was won by guest Tim Williams of Gloucester, who has a season's best of 63.65m, with 58.37m.

In the junior men's event, Kyle Randalls set a personal best of 53.45m.

The full results can be seen by following this link

Monday, 18 May 2009

JSB Forth Valley League 14th May

The young Vic's had home stadium advantage in this, the 2nd league meeting. The team finished the meeting in a very creditable 3rd place.

There were winning performances in the A String for Daniel Casey in the U11 B 800m.
In the B string there were wins for Gregor Dodd in the U11 B 200m, Liam Fleming in the U15 B Javelin, Aaron Naismith U11 B 800m, Kathryn Mitchell U15 G 800m & Alana Boggan U13G 800m.

There were many other good performances on the night with a few new PB's.

Well done to all those who took part This result moved the team up one position to 4th in the league after 2 meetings.

The next meeting will be at Pitreavie on June 18th at 7pm.

Full results here

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Loch Leven Half-Marathon Saturday 16th May

Five members of the road running section participated in the the Loch Leven half-marathon.
This is a race report from one of them: Barry Paterson

As there was a couple of us training for the Edinburgh Marathon, the Loch Leven Half Marathon fitted nicely into our schedule. With 2 weeks to the big one, this would give us the ideal preperation, and to see if the long training miles has helped to bring the times down.

Situated in the town of Kinross, the start and finish lines were at the opposite end of the town, and the route took us around the scenic route of Loch Leven (only actually seeing the loch at the high points of the course).

The wind was not so kind this year, as a strong easterly wind was blowing into our faces for the first 6 miles. The route was undulating (a word that seems to be used in the last 3-4 blogs), with a hill between 3-4 miles, and another between 7-9 miles.

As we entered Scotlandswell at 7 miles, I heard a shout "this is the last hill, then the worst is over with!". Well, it seemed to climb for 2 miles......some hill!!! I was cursing the person who gave that shout, but glad to hit the 9 mile marker as it was downhill to the finish.

As we finished, a heavy rain shower began and we made our way into the Cafe tent, where a nice selection of cakes and tea warmed us up, before we headed back to the cars for warm clothes, and then home.

Our overall placings and times (chipped timing):

31st Barry Paterson 1:25:04
100th Alexander Watson 1:34:26 PB
120th Mark Dunnachie 1:36:08
136th Colin Thomson 1:37:46
145th Stephen Oliver 1:38:11

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Monday, 11 May 2009


Two of us travelled into the depths of Perthshire to take part in the Glen Lednock Road race.

The race was described as being undulating but we became increasingly doubtful of this on our way, as we had to negotiate the bends and twists of the road in addition to dodging the sheep and lambs like an F1 driver. We now know that undulations is Perthshire dialect for Hilly.

There was a low-key start with only 40 runners, where you just turned up and got your number with some safety pins large enough to be suitable for nappies.
Right from the off it was 2miles continuous steep up-hill, which then thankfully levelled out and then it was just the undulations.

The race distance was listed 8miles but I think it was the "Lang Scots miles" as we reached the 4 mile point and had not reached the turnaround point which was about a quarter of a mile further on, and it turned out the race distance was 8.5 miles.

After the turnaround it was then downhill but the sun came out then and it became really warm. There was a photographer stationed on route on the way back, but no way, were you able to smile.

All in all it was a nice well organised friendly race with all concerned: spectators and even the children who had run the fun race staying behind to cheer you on.
Even the Marshals tried to help, one near the end said that I would be able to catch the runner in front since "He was flagging" little did he know that I was flagging too!!


John Denholm - position: 10 time 60:58 1st EMV (Extreme!!! Male Veteran )
David Bunyan - position: 21 time 64:18

Some Pictures, click your selection to expand

Glasgow Women's 10K

Christine Eadie took part in this year's Womens 10K in Glasgow,the UK's largest women only 10K race, finishing in the top 5% of the field.
10,700 people crossed the finishing line at Belahousten Park, almost 500 more than the previous year.
This is her report:

The start of the Glasgow Women's 10k is always rather spectacular. All those competitors streaming towards the start line.Over 10,000 women taking part, it is an amazing sight.

The weather was good to us too, and, apart from a few showers as people were making their way to the start, the rain held off and the sun shone just in time for the start.

There was the usual mass warm up with most folks giving it a go. Not easy when you are crammed in like a sardine.

The race is pretty flat, apart from one undulation, I'd hesitate to call it a hill, between 7 and 8K, so it is usually a course where a PB is achievable.
Alas, not for me today. I had a pretty rough run. It should have been easy, a pretty flat course, but it was just hard work all the way.

Enjoyed it though, the pipers at every K make this a truly enjoyable event and the support all the way round is second to none.

My finishing time: 50:36
Position: 542

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Scottish Young Atletics League, Wishaw 3rd May

A strong Vic's team turned out on what was a rather blustery day! An excellent all round team performance resulted in the team finishing in first place.The team management would like to thank all the athletes, their parents/carers and officials for their efforts.

A link to the results will be posted when the results are made available.

The next SYAL match will take place at Grangemouth on Sunday 17th May selection slips will be issued soon.

Balfron 10K Sunday 26th April

Rather than do our normal long Sunday run, three of us decided to head to Balfron on Sunday 26th April to do the 10k.

An easy 45 minute drive from Falkirk (depending on who is driving), with views of the Campsies and Ben Lomond makes it a very appealing for those wanting a handy, scenic run.

It was a great race as long as you don’t mind a hill or two. The route is described as undulating and although it is an out and back course it definitely felt like it was mainly uphill. A really good testing run, needless to say no PBs today!

It was very well organised. No queuing for numbers, even for entry on the day. Plenty of support and two water stations on the route, fruit at the finish, plus a goodie bag with medal, a sweatshop discount voucher and the usual edible goodies.

Plus our own little baker had brought us cakes for after the race, result! Thanks Christine.

And the heated seats on the way home just finished our trip to Balfron off nicely! Nice one Alastair.

We all enjoyed the run and will be back next year.

our results(based on the chip times) were:

Alastair McCallum
: Rank-199 Time-50.49
Elaine Thomson : Rank-200 Time-50.50
Christine Eadie: Rank-199 Time-52.30

Below are a couple of photo's from the race just click on each to expand

Reporter: Elaine Thomson