Sunday, 13 September 2009

Turbo X Mugdock park Glasgow 10mile race

On what turned out to be a glorious day, two of the veteran Harriers travelled to Mugdock Country Park to take part in the Saab Saloman Turbo X trail race a distance of 10 mile.

Some other Harrier’s runners had recommended the race - wait till I see them.

After an unremarkable run along a trail there was suddenly a sharp turn into the long grass winding through the trees and down muddy paths.

From there you were firmly in David Attenborough country, sinking down in the mud and sphagnum moss and being forced to crisscross to avoid the worse parts.

This was followed by scrambling up hills and down through forest trails.

Several places it was like quicksand and some of the competitors had to be pulled free.

We did fine on straight but overtaken on obstacles by seasoned hill and fell runners over the assault course

Covered in mud from head to tail maybe looked 10 years younger after all the mud but legs felt 10 years older.

Eventually finished to great cheer from the crowd to receive a goody bag and technical top - shame about the colour.

No shower, so back in car, just as well David had seat covers and then hours of steeping the kit - really thankful that Harriers colours are predominately black.

Our results:

Age Group
Start to Turbo XTurbo XTurbo X to finishFinish
John Denholm10761:12:0521:1507:161:40:37
David Bunyan13081:14:4321:1107:461:43:41

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