Sunday, 6 September 2009

Club Championship Arrangements

Please take note of the following information relating to the Club Championships on Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th September.

Declarations - Will open at the announcers box at 18.00. Could we please ask all athletes to declare by 18.45. The same numbers are to be used on both nights, If you are competing on both nights there is no need to declare on the Thursday. Each number should be attached by four pins

Timetable - There are likely to be some alterations to the timetable so please listen for announcements.

If you are competing in two events at the same time please report to your field event, tell the lead official and you will be collected for your track event. If in any doubt please ask Graham Learmonth and Paul Boggan who will be assisting with this.

Safety - You should only be on the track or field when competing please stay in the stands at all other times this also applies to spectators.

Indoor Arena - This is not covered with our meeting booking so could all athletes and others please stay away from it.

Club Clothing - A selection of club clothing will be available to order, where this will be is dependant on the weather.

Good luck to all and enjoy the meeting

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