Monday, 13 July 2009

The Famous Grouse Crieff 10K race

A large squad of Harriers arrived at Crieff on Sunday for The Famous Grouse Crieff 10K.

One of the runners, Christine Eadie kindly submitted this report:

None appeared to be put off by the driving rain on the way up, which was just as well because as soon as runners were forced out of the dry changing area to the start, the rain stopped.

The 10K is well known for the steep hill at the start, which starts out gently enough, but then goes on forever (slight exaggeration here) and gets steeper. Fortunately, there is also rather a good bit of downhill. The trails were a bit on the slippy side, what with the heavy rain and all runners boasted rather muddy legs at the end of the race. However, only the hardiest braved the cold showers afterwards.

There was compensation by a great spread laid on by Strathearn Harriers and rather a prolonged discussion on the merits of the cakes. In the end, the cakes were given 10 out of 10.

No doubt about it, Alastair and Colin will be back.

The race results:

Barry Paterson1639:46
Colin Thomson5243:56
Stephen Oliver5744:40
John Denholm6345:21
David Bunyan9948:13
Tracey Newman13650:49
Alastair McCallum13750:50
Christine Eadie
Elaine Thomson
The full results can be found here

A video of the race (in 4 parts) has also been posted on YouTube

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