Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mountain medal for Jamie Stevenson in Germany

This report has been abstracted from the Scottish Athletics website:

Jamie Stevenson was the star performer for Scotland at the World Mountain Running Junior Challenge in Ostheim vor der Rhoen (Germany) on Sunday (June 21st).

The course - in nearby Hausen - was very well planned on trails and grass to give a true test of hill running ability well suited to the 16 and 17 year age group of the competition.

In the men’s race, Andrey Rusakov of Russia had established a winning lead by the start of the final lap of the gruelling five lap course, but a chasing group of four ran determinedly to remain in contention for the silver and bronze medals.

Sergey Zvonerev, also of Russia, was the first to break clear from the group, but by the bottom of the main descent, Scotland's Stevenson had also broken clear leaving Italy’s Olocco Giovanni and England’s Billy Pinder to battle it out for fourth place.

Bronze medallist Stevenson was backed up by Adam Gatens (East Kilbride) in 19th and James Waldie (Cornwall) in 20th to give Scotland fourth place out of the ten national teams competing.

Key results are as follows:

Junior Men (4810m)

1. Andrey Rusakov (Russia) : 20:42
2. Sergey Zvonarev (Russia) : 21:16
3. Jamie Stevenson (Scotland):21:20

19. Adam Gatens (Scotland) : 22:47
20. James Waldie (Scotland): 23:01

1. Russia : 12 points
2. Italy : 27 points
3. England : 40 points
4. Scotland: 42 points

The complete results can be found here

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