Sunday, 17 May 2009

Loch Leven Half-Marathon Saturday 16th May

Five members of the road running section participated in the the Loch Leven half-marathon.
This is a race report from one of them: Barry Paterson

As there was a couple of us training for the Edinburgh Marathon, the Loch Leven Half Marathon fitted nicely into our schedule. With 2 weeks to the big one, this would give us the ideal preperation, and to see if the long training miles has helped to bring the times down.

Situated in the town of Kinross, the start and finish lines were at the opposite end of the town, and the route took us around the scenic route of Loch Leven (only actually seeing the loch at the high points of the course).

The wind was not so kind this year, as a strong easterly wind was blowing into our faces for the first 6 miles. The route was undulating (a word that seems to be used in the last 3-4 blogs), with a hill between 3-4 miles, and another between 7-9 miles.

As we entered Scotlandswell at 7 miles, I heard a shout "this is the last hill, then the worst is over with!". Well, it seemed to climb for 2 miles......some hill!!! I was cursing the person who gave that shout, but glad to hit the 9 mile marker as it was downhill to the finish.

As we finished, a heavy rain shower began and we made our way into the Cafe tent, where a nice selection of cakes and tea warmed us up, before we headed back to the cars for warm clothes, and then home.

Our overall placings and times (chipped timing):

31st Barry Paterson 1:25:04
100th Alexander Watson 1:34:26 PB
120th Mark Dunnachie 1:36:08
136th Colin Thomson 1:37:46
145th Stephen Oliver 1:38:11

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