Monday, 11 May 2009

Glasgow Women's 10K

Christine Eadie took part in this year's Womens 10K in Glasgow,the UK's largest women only 10K race, finishing in the top 5% of the field.
10,700 people crossed the finishing line at Belahousten Park, almost 500 more than the previous year.
This is her report:

The start of the Glasgow Women's 10k is always rather spectacular. All those competitors streaming towards the start line.Over 10,000 women taking part, it is an amazing sight.

The weather was good to us too, and, apart from a few showers as people were making their way to the start, the rain held off and the sun shone just in time for the start.

There was the usual mass warm up with most folks giving it a go. Not easy when you are crammed in like a sardine.

The race is pretty flat, apart from one undulation, I'd hesitate to call it a hill, between 7 and 8K, so it is usually a course where a PB is achievable.
Alas, not for me today. I had a pretty rough run. It should have been easy, a pretty flat course, but it was just hard work all the way.

Enjoyed it though, the pipers at every K make this a truly enjoyable event and the support all the way round is second to none.

My finishing time: 50:36
Position: 542

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