Monday, 20 April 2009

Heaven & Hell Half Marathon 5th April 2009

7 Harriers decided it would be a good idea to do the Heaven and Hell half-marathon in Perth this year, as no one had done it before.

After entering, "Runners World" magazine published an article on the hardest road hill races in Britain and this half marathon came 5th and was billed as the hardest in Scotland. Upon further investigation we thought that this might well be the case.

We set off on a sunny but windy day to Perth. Upon arrival we went to registration where we found out more about the two climbs that make this a special half.

Having made our way to the start we were ready for the off, the sun was still shining but the wind was brisk. The first couple off miles were undulating but not to bad then you turned and started the first climb of the race, it was a 400ft climb that was long and steep but when you reached the top "half way" the view over to Dundee and the Tay bridge were worth it. Then it was down hill, a steep run down hill, then once you reach the bottom it flattens for a bit then the second climb which starts at the 8 mile mark. At the bottom of the second climb was a sign with a devil hanging over it "welcome to hell" . To get to heaven at the top there was an 800ft climb which finished at the 10 mile mark. At the top was another sign "hallelujah" and you just couldn't argue with that. Then the last three miles were down hill to a flat but windy finish.
This was one of the best and hardest half marathons anyone of us had done.

Our finishing times:
Barry Patterson 1.27.51
Colin Thomson 1.35.42
Mark Dunnachie 1.41.04
Lorna Dewar 1.43.24
David Bunyan 1.51.29
Christine Edie 1.57.46
Elaine Thomson 2.00.15

Lorna picked up a prize for second finisher in her age group. Well done to Lorna.
Apologies to Christine for not having a photo of her at the finish but the phone rang as she passed and we missed her !

Just click on each photo to expand:

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