Monday, 24 November 2008

Winter Time Trials - Callendar Park

Endurance Initiative - Driving Performance Up

A series of Cross country time trials will be held monthly on Saturday throughout the winter in Callendar Park over distances of 2 and 3 miles culminating in a 1 mile course at the start of the summer 2009 season.

These trials will be organised by David Murray and Gordon Mitchell and are open to all ages and abilities.

The initial timetable is listed here:

December 13th3 miles
January 3rd2 miles
February 14th3 miles
March 7th2 miles
April 18th3 miles
The trials will start at 9:30 am in front of Callendar House. If you have any further questions see David or Gordon who are at the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Grangemouth Stadium on Thursdays.

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